The ITHANET portal is a website dedicated to thalassaemia and other haemoglobinopathies. The portal offers the latest information (news, events, publications and clinical trials) on the field, provides a list of organisations and experts concerned with haemoglobinopathies, offers educational material, diagnositic protocols and clinical guidelines though a wiki and, most importantly, delops and maintains haemoglobinopathy-specific databases and tools. This user-friendly site enables anyone at country or organisation level to view the information on the portal. Visitors are encouraged to sign-up as member in order to receive the monthly ITHANET newsletter and fully enjoy the benefits of a visit to the ITHANET portal. 


The ITHANET portal was initiated by the ITHANET project (RI-2004-026539) a two-year (2006-2008) project funded by the European Union FP6 to assess the importance of collaboration on thalassaemia and to provide recommendations on future electronic infrastructure development. The first update of the ITHANET PORTAL was supported by the ITHANET+ project (ΤΠΕ/ΟΡΙΖΟ/0308(ΒΙΕ)/16), funded by the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) of Cyprus.  In addition, ITHANET participates in the FP7 project THALAMOSS and is a core member of the Global Globin 2020 Challenge by the Human Variome Project. 


The ITHANET International Advisory Committee advises the ITHANET Development Team on possible additions and improvements to the portal and gives expert opinions when needed. 

The Committee Members:

Erol Baysal Alex Felice
Jan Traeger Synodinos Ali Taher
Maria Sitarou Yeshim Aydinok
Roberto Gambari Swee Lay Thein
Suthat Fucharoean Stefano Rivella
Lila Yannaki Cornelis L. Hartveld
Petr Holub John Old
Michael Angastiniotis Marina Kleanthous
Jim Vadolas Aurelio Maggio
Soteroulla Christou  


The Development Team Members:

  • Marina Kleanthous
  • Petros Kountouris
  • Carsten W. Lederer
  • John Old