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ITHANET contributions

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ITHANET has recently established a procedure to accept contributions from experts in the field, mainly epidemiological information and information on variations related to haemoglobinopathies. Contributors and their affilications are listed in the ITHANET experts and organisations databases, respectively and, most importantly, all contributions are acknowledged in the specifically designed ITHANET contributors section and in each contributor's profile.


Please send any contributions to Dr. Petros Kountouris (


IthaMaps contributions

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For the last few months, we have been collecting haemoglobinopathy epidemiology data and information on existing healthcare policies worldwide, in part helped by our participation in the excellent HVP Global Globin 2020 Challenge, and we have upgraded the IthaMaps database for the dynamic illustration of these data. In detail, the information includes: existing healthcare policies in each country, the status of major haemoglobinopathies in each country, including prevalence and incidence, and relative frequencies for α- and β-globin gene mutations at the regional and country level. If you would like to contribute to IthaMaps, please review existing data for the country or countries for which you have specialist knowledge and report mistakes or missing information by using the IthaMaps Submission Form.

Download IthaMaps Submission Form


IthaGenes contributions

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IthaGenes accepts submissions for novel variations related to haemoglobinopathies, including causative mutations, disease-modifying mutations and neutral variations of clinical or diagnostic significance. Submissions can be accepted before publication with the correponding submission clearly acknowledged in the mutation description. To report a novel variation, please use the IthaGenes Submission Form below.

Download IthaGenes Submission Form