GeneID: 449


Common Name: TRX1 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 9 (NC_000009.12) Locus: NM_003329.4 (TRX1)
HUGO Symbol: TXN Full Name: thioredoxin
Exons: 5 Introns: 4

This gene encodes thioredoxin, a 12-kD oxidoreductase enzyme important for maintaining intracellular redox status. The thioredoxin system (TRX1, TRX reductase, and NADPH) reduces oxidized cysteine groups on proteins through an interaction with the redox-active center of TRX1 (cys-gly-pro-cys) to form a disulfide bond, which in turn can be reduced by the action of TRX reductase in the persence of NADPH. This reduction activity plays an important role in the redox regulation of the redox status of protein thiols. TRX1 is ubiquitously expressed in vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells and its antioxidant properties include the removal of both hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and radical to provide protection against oxidative stress in cells. Studies showed an increase in TRX1 gene expression in β-thalassemia intermedia (β-TI) patients compared to healthy individuals, suggesting a protective role for this enzyme in β-TI. TRX1 and PRDX1 [ithaID: 447] are reported to work synergistically to reduce erythrocyte apoptotic events in β-TI.

Synonyms: TRX , TRDX , Trx80


Number of entries/variants: 0


Publications / Origin

  1. Zakaria NA, Islam MA, Abdullah WZ, Bahar R, Mohamed Yusoff AA, Abdul Wahab R, Shamsuddin S, Johan MF, Epigenetic Insights and Potential Modifiers as Therapeutic Targets in -Thalassemia., Biomolecules, 11(5), 0, 2021
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