International Thalassaemia Day: 8 May 2022

International Thalassaemia Day is marked on May 8 every year and is observed by the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF). This International Thalassaemia Day, recognizes and celebrates the power of knowledge and brings the global haemoglobin disorders community together, by raising awareness, sharing knowledge, and bringing thalassaemia to the attention of as many people as possible worldwide. “Be Aware. Share. Care: Working with the global community as one to improve thalassaemia knowledge”, is the theme of 2022 day and is an open call to action to all supporters to promote awareness about thalassaemia and its global impact and share essential information and knowledge to support the best possible health, social and other care of patients with this disease. The theme seeks to inspire every individual to contribute, at the personal level, to the fight against thalassaemia and serves as a powerful reminder that everyone has a substantial role to play and a responsibility to act. For more info, see here.