AHEPA University General Hospital of Thessaloniki (AHEPA)

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The AHEPA Univesrity General Hospital of Thessaloniki is considered one of the biggest hospitals in Greece. Covers 680 beds and all the spectrum of medical and surgical specialties of medicine as well as the psychiatric sector. It is a State Hospital associated with the 4th Health District of Health Services of Macedonia and Thrace as an independent service, with administrative and economic autonomy. The central service of AHEPA hospital is located in the territory of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, No 1, Stilponos Kyriakides str, 54636, within the administrative region of the municipality of Thessaloniki. The structured areas of the hospital cover 50,000 sqm, built in several time points, to cope with the emerging needs. The hospital is also responsible for the function of two Regional Health Centers, one at Sohos region and another at Nea Maditos region, as well as the local Health Stations around these villages, covering all issues of primary health care for people living in these areas and seasonal tourists. Nevertheless, the Hospital is responsible for patients from all around Macedonia and Thrace, due to its high expertise in tertiary health care. The hospital holds responsibility of the psychiatric coverage, in accordance with the recent health reform, of the entire Central Region of Thessaloniki Psychiatric Health Authority (1st, 3rd and 4th district of Thessaloniki Municipality, Agios Pavlos municipality and the municipalities of Arethousa, Assiros, Egnatia, Lagadas, Lahanas, Sohos and Triandria). The hospital is also responsible for the ‘Adolescent Unit’, a decentralized model, multidisciplinary Unit, that provides psychiatric and social care in adolescents (aged between 13 and 18 years), both in Thessaloniki and the major area of Macedonia and Thrace.

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Medical Center