Hellenic Society of Hematology (HSH)

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Our society was founded in 1961, it’s one of the older scientific societies in this country and counts close to 900 active members. Our goals include: The advancement of knowledge and professional competence of our members through generous support of educational activities. The harmonization of hematology training with the standards set by the European Hematology Association. The organization of the Annual Meeting of the society that convenes every November The support of multicenter trials and epidemiological studies that are organized by the Working Committees. The professional support of our members through active participation in the national policy making bodies. There are nine (9) Working Committees functioning within HSH that cover the entire field of Hematology these are: Blood Banking & Apheresis Hemostasis Laboratory Hematology and Quality Control RBC disorders Lymphoproliferative disorders Transplantation MDS and BM Failure Acute Leukemia and Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Pediatric Hematology

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Scientific Society