University Hospital of Ioannina

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University Hospital of Ioannina was founded in 1990 and disposes 800 active beds. As a teaching Hospital, it shares a long-standing affiliation with Ioannina University's School of Medicine and the Ioannina School of Nursing. Some 45000 people are treated annualy in the Hospital's Care Clinics and approximately 130000 people use Hospital's Outpatinet Department every year. A wide variety of surgical procedures, including transplantations and the most up-to-date laparoscopic techniques, are performed in its operating rooms. The Hospital is also in the forefront in implementing Management Information Systems.   Objectives a)The benefit of care in all levels and mainly specialised care, (third degree level), in the population of our Sanitary Region, as well as in individuals that come  from other sanitary regions of the country. The care is  equivalently for each individual regardless of his economic, social and professional situation, according to the rules of National System of Health. b) Undergraduate education for students of Medical Department of the University of Ioannina  and for students of faculties of other professions of health. c) Specialization of doctors and staff of other sectors of health with the development and application of corresponding educational programs. d) The development and advance of research in the sector of medicine and other relevant sciences. In this direction  applies and develops research projects, scientific researches and collaborates with other relevant institutions as well as with international organizations, scientific and research projects. e) Collaboration with all Hospital institutions of our Sanitary Region for the development and upgrade of the entire work in the sector of provision of health services and more specifically regarding the application of educational programs, as well as special projects of advisement and evaluation of subjects concerning the sector of health.   Mission The philosophy of University Hospital of Ioannina   includes engagement in the re-establishment and the maintenance of health, facing and curing diseases and giving accent in the promotion of health. Hosptital's Mission is:   To provide the higher possible quality of care and treatment within the Greek National Health System (NHS) limits of available resources for all patients. To provide emergency services for patients requiring immediate care. To ensure the most effective use of the Hospital's resources. To ensure continuity of care between the community and the Hospital by maintaining liaison with other health care providers.

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Medical Center