Pancyprian Thalassaemia Association

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The Pancyprian Thalassaemia Association was established by the parents of the then thalassaemic children with the aim of dealing with the disease and its radical cure. It also aimed at helping thalassaemics become accepted into society as smoothly as possible. One of the chief concerns in its struggle was the creation of the Thalassaemia Centre which was realised in 1980. Aims & Objectives Dealing with thalassaemia with the correct treatment methods. Promoting research for radical gene therapy of thalassaemia. Smooth entry of thalassaemics into the community and dealing with prejudice through relevant awareness programmes Prevention of thalassaemia and correctly informing parents to be. Education of thalassaemics. Promoting the employment of thalassaemics in their chosen professions as well as family support. Further training for doctors treating thalassaemia patients both abroad and in Cyprus with visits to other centers and the organization of specialized seminars Support for voluntary blood donation Equipping the thalassaemia center with medical and other equipment. Supporting thalassaemia patients in the improvement of treatments. The establishment of scientific centers and infrastructures that will serve the preventative and treatment objectives of the association.

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Patient Society