Liuzhou Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital ( Liuzhou MCH)

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Liuzhou Maternity and Child Health Hospital (also known as Liuzhou Children's Hospital, Liuzhou Maternity Hospital, and Liuzhou Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Service Center), is a third-level A-level maternal and child health care institution. It integrates health care, medical treatment, rehabilitation, scientific research, and teaching. Established in 1958, it provides maternal and child health services for women and children in Liuzhou and surrounding areas. The hospital also undertakes the city's maternal and child health and family planning technical service business management and technical support work, along with handling 120 emergency tasks. The hospital has a total floor area of 51,400 square meters and 450 beds, housing functional and business departments. As of January 2024, it employs 1,068 staff members, including 956 healthcare professionals. Affiliated with Guangxi University of Science and Technology, the hospital serves as a comprehensive tertiary Grade-A institution, offering healthcare services for women and children. It conducts research and serves as an educational facility. Additionally, it is designated as a national-level demonstration base for maternal and child health, with numerous accolades and qualifications.

Organisation's Type

Research Center, Scientific Society, Medical Center, Diagnostic Center