Baoan Women’s and Children’s Hospital

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Shenzhen Baoan District Maternal and Child Health Hospital is a state-owned institution in Baoan District that focuses on the health care of the mother and child. Over eighteen thousand women give birth annually at this hospital, which houses an advanced prenatal diagnosis center with expertise in handling the latest technology to perform prenatal diagnosis and provide genetic counseling. The hospital meets great achievements, such as the establishment of the first public welfare breast milk bank in Shenzhen (in 2015), the ability to perform severe treatment technologies such as ECOM, including the successful completion of the most difficult infant "artificial membrane lung" treatment in China (in 2017), while the Department of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery manages multiple complex congenital heart diseases, creating a precedent for heart surgery for children with low age and low weight in Bao'an District (in 2018).

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Medical Center