Laiko General Hospital Athens (LGHA)

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The Molecular Genetics Lab is part of the Thalassaemia Unit at LGHA. The Thalassaemia Unit, recognized as an expertise center, is a member of EuroBloodNet, boasting extensive experience in the diagnostics and management of haemoglobinopathies. Additionally, it serves as the scientific coordinator for a population screening network comprised of distinct units, contributing to a national prevention program for haemoglobinopathies in Greece. The Molecular Genetics Lab receives and analyses more than 2,000 cases annually, which are submitted from both the aforementioned network and the private sector. Analyses encompass the identification of underlying variants in carriers of alpha or beta globin genes, examination for silent variants in borderline cases, genetic counseling, and prenatal diagnosis for at-risk couples.

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Research Center, Diagnostic Center