The International Thalassaemia Day 2024 Theme Has Been Released!

“Empowering Lives, Embracing Progress: Equitable and Accessible Thalassaemia Treatment for All’’, is the theme that Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) announced for the International Thalassaemia Day (ITD) on 8 May 2024. The 2024 theme is a powerful call to raise awareness about this condition and its impact while celebrating the solidarity of the resilient thalassaemia community worldwide. Furthermore, the theme champions the empowerment of people living with thalassaemia by leveraging advances in treatment options and highlighting our shared responsibility to raise awareness and advocate tirelessly for meaningful, positive change. The focus of TIF for 2024 is unambiguous: to ensure all individuals with thalassaemia, no matter their location or economic circumstance, receive access to accurate diagnosis, current and future treatments, and well-rounded care. More information about theme can be found here.