GeneID: 144


Common Name: NPRL3 Type: Gene
Chromosome: 16 (NC_000016.10) Locus: NG_029669.1 (NPRL3)
HUGO Symbol: NPRL3 Full Name: NPR3 like, GATOR1 complex subunit
Exons: 15 Introns: 14

The NPRL3 gene encodes a subunit of the GATOR1 (GTPase-activating proteins toward Rags 1) complex, which regulates the mTORC1 signaling pathway. GATOR1 is localised at the lysosomal membrane where it mediates hydrolysis of GTP and thereby inactivation of the GTPases Rag A and Rag B. Since RagsA/B facilitate the recruitment of the mammalian TORC1 (mTORC1) complex to the lysosomal surface to be activated, GATOR1 serves as an upstream regulator of the mTORC1 pathway. mTORC1 functions as a master regulator of growth in response to various signals, including amino acids, and its deregulation has been seen in cancer and diabetes. The NPRL3 gene is found upstream of the HBA1/HBA2 gene cluster and polymoprhisms in this gene associated with haemolytic anaemia in sickle cell patients. Deletion of the NPRL3 gene resulted in embryonic lethality from multiple cardiovascular defects in a mouse model.

Synonyms: C16orf35 , CGTHBA , HS-40 , MARE , NPR3 , RMD11


Number of entries/variants: 17


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Publications / Origin

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