IthaID: 2561

Names and Sequences

Functionality: Disease modifying mutation Pathogenicity: N/A
Common Name: ααα(anti-3.7) HGVS Name: NG_000006.1:g.34247_38050dup

Also known as: Triplicated α (anti-3.7)

Comments: Alpha-globin gene triplications are not associated with abnormal haematological parameters but may aggravate the phenotype of patients with beta-thalassaemia. The ααα(anti-3.7) allele is generated by unequal crossover between misaligned homologous sequences (Z boxes) on the α2 and α1 genes during recombination (rightward crossover). A second product generated is the hybrid -α3.7 gene [ithaID=300]. The PCR primers used by Wang et al [PMID: 14500599] place the triplicated allele between positions 173617-173635 (HBA2 3'UTR) and 175508-175528 (HBA1 upstream) (GRCh38.p12), producing an amplicon of around 1.9 kb. The α-triplication can be detected by the SALSA MLPA probemix P140 HBA C1. Two different types are reported with different breakpoints that can be detected by i) 18096-L22520 and 15857-L21812, and ii) 18092-L22516 and 14855-L23604 probe pairs.

We follow the HGVS sequence variant nomenclature and IUPAC standards.

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Allele Phenotype (Cis):N/A
Allele Phenotype (Trans):N/A
Associated Phenotypes: Anaemia [HP:0001903]


Chromosome: 16
Locus: NG_000006.1
Locus Location: N/A
Size: N/A
Located at: α2, α1

Other details

Type of Mutation: Duplication
Ethnic Origin: N/A
Molecular mechanism: N/A
Inheritance: Recessive
DNA Sequence Determined: Yes

In silico pathogenicity prediction

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Publications / Origin

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