IthaID: 2945

Names and Sequences

Functionality: Disease modifying mutation Pathogenicity: N/A
Common Name: rs368698783 HGVS Name: NG_000007.3:g.47783G>A

Context nucleotide sequence:

Also known as: Aγ(+25 G>A)

Comments: The SNP (A allele) was associated with elevated HbF in β-thalassaemia patients from Egypt, Iraq, Iran and China. It is located in the 5'UTR sequence (+25) of the Aγ-globin gene, in a region that belongs to the binding site (5'-GGTTAT-3') of LYAR (human homologue of mouse Ly-1 antibody reactive clone), a putative repressor of γ-globin gene expression. It decreases the LYAR binding efficiency to the Aγ-globin gene. Different studies have shown that in β-thalassemia the Gγ-globin-XmnI(+)/Aγ-globin-(G>A) genotype is under genetic linkage with β0-thalassemia mutations. Experimental work has shown that the LYAR rs368698783 (G>A) polymorphism is associated with high basal and induced production of fetal haemoglobin in β-thalassaemia patients

We follow the HGVS sequence variant nomenclature and IUPAC standards.

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Allele Phenotype (Cis):N/A
Allele Phenotype (Trans):N/A
Associated Phenotypes: Hb F levels [HP:0011904] [OMIM:141749]


Chromosome: 11
Locus: NG_000007.3
Locus Location: 47783
Size: 1 bp
Located at:
Specific Location: 5'UTR

Other details

Type of Mutation: Point-Mutation(Substitution)
Effect on Gene/Protein Function: 5'UTR (Transcription)
Ethnic Origin: Egyptian, Iraqi, Iranian, Chinese
Molecular mechanism: N/A
Inheritance: Quantitative trait
DNA Sequence Determined: Yes

In silico pathogenicity prediction

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Publications / Origin

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